A pioneer in her own right the late Mrs. Sankerdaye Sadal with her husband, started a humble family business in the 1960s selling retail food products in two of Trinidad’s popular community markets located in Chaguanas and Tunapuna. The late Mrs. Sankerdaye Sadal taught her four children the importance of having quality food products to satisfy their customer needs at affordable prices.

Our objective is to provide quality and natural products free from harmful chemicals and additives.

In 1991 one of her sons acted on this vision decided to expand the established family business. His innovative idea led to the birth of Pepe’s Marketing Limited and was the stepping stone for our overall success.

With the combined experiences of the Sadals, we have over 34 years’ experience in importing/exporting and distributing locally and in the Caribbean , a wide range of bulk food products such as peas and beans and seeds, dried and glacé fruits, salted fish and smoked herring, potatoes, onions, garlic, cheese etc.

We are the exclusive distributors of the prepackaged brands: Pepe’s Nature’s Pride, Pepe’s Fruits of the Sun, Pepe’s Catch, Farmer’s Select and Sunripe.

We also package private brands for Massy Stores and JTA and unbranded for Anand Low Price and Xtra Foods.

As our Group continues to grow at a rapid pace, we embrace the latest technological innovations to ensure we improve the efficiency of our service to customers. We are focused on exceptional customer service offered by our experienced and professional teams and maintain strong business relations with our partners.